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In November, 1946, a group of men met in the Capitol Hotel to discuss the possibility of organizing the Amarillo Advertising Club. The steering committee for this organization meeting was Gordon Morrison, John Forkner and Ross Rogers.

A few weeks later, thirty met at the Amarillo Country Club for dinner ($2.00 a plate) and unanimously decided to proceed with the organization of a professional ad club.

Ross Rogers, acting as temporary chairman, appointed a nominating committee of five members. The committee included Paul Allingham, Waldo M. Wright, W.E. Knight, Van Allm and Aubry Jackson. These men were asked to recommend fifteen persons which nine were to be elected as members of the first board of directors.

The election meeting was scheduled for January 7, 1947, At this meeting, F.V. Wallace was chosen as the first president.


The American Advertising Federation – Amarillo (AAF-Amarillo) is recognized by the city, the District, and the National organization as a professional club dedicated to the following principles:

  • Truthful Advertising ā€” to inform consumers and help them buy more intelligently.
  • Good Advertising ā€” to serve the public interest by creating an awareness of new products and services.
  • Major Goals ā€” to improve our economy by stimulating sales, lower manufacturing and distribution costs, establish scholarships and increase employment.
  • We believe every person engaged in advertising and its allied fields has an obligation to contribute their time and talent to the development of the profession and its goals.


Leadership of the AAF-Amarillo consists of 13 directors, which includes 5 officers, who oversee the business of the club. Officers and directors meet once monthly on the first Wednesday of each month for a regular board meeting. Directors are elected by the membership each year in May for a term of three years. Officers are selected by the directors serve a one-year term. The immediate past president serves an additional one-year term on the board following his/her term as president.

In addition to the 13 elected board members, any AAF-Amarillo member who is also a member of the AAF-Tenth District Executive Committee or an AAF-Tenth District Past-Governor shall be a voting member of the Board.

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